Sustainable Agriculture

Picture-111Agriculture for a better future

While figures and statistics are increasingly showing that sustainable agriculture is viable in ensuring food security and rural livelihoods, it is important to note that agriculture is also about human experiences.  Sustainable agriculture is a story about lives, about how farmers struggle to make changes for a better future.

Richie, the founder of Natural Grow and our foremost agricultural consultant, was born into farming and has remained in the area of agriculture his whole life.  He has always been visible on the forefront of agricultural innovation.  As early as the 1980’s and 90’s Richie was featured in articles outlining his direction away from accepted *chemical fertilisation* and his farm in lush Far North Queensland successfully produced a high standard of bananas which were sent out to elite markets in the southern cities of Australia.
Quality Farming for life

Now, through Natural Grow’s consultancy work, Richie is able to help other farmers achieve their agricultural dreams and goals.  He understands the needs that farmers have concerning their crops: the yield, quality and financial pressures of farming.  And he appreciates the health concerns of farmers looking for non-toxic alternatives for their own health and those of future generations.

While the needs of the farmer are paramount, no discussion on agriculture would be complete without addressing the essential area of soil health.  And here, you will find the golden key to our Natural Grow philosophy.
At Natural Grow our concern is not in which *style* of farming you adhere to, sustainable, organic, conventional, but rather our concern is specifically with the health of your soil.  Your soil is your capital.  If whatever you’re doing damages your soil, we will help you change it.  We approach the soil as the living system it is and we work with farmers to ensure their impact on that living system is positive.  When the impact is positive then yield, quality, disease protection, farmer health and financial recompense all become manageable and cost effective and highly rewarding.
Future planning and your Agricultural needs

We work with farmers and their land individually.  We listen to the farmer and the soil and plants.  We use systems proven in the Far North, but also have other successful clients around Australia.  We are part of a large international scientific community and our knowledge and resource base, though extensive, is always enlarging.

We realise that you, as the farmer, need to be in the driver’s seat.  Our role is to advise, support, and provide the knowledge and resources that will help you achieve your goals.

You’ll find all the staff at Natural Grow are extremely approachable and interested in what concerns you.  It’s definitely worthwhile making the call to chat with Richie about your agricultural needs and goals today.

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