Coconut Oil Challenge

coconut-oilYou can do the 30 Day Coconut Oil Challenge any time you like!  Some people need time to get their head around it, others prefer to jump straight in.  We’ve been running the challenge on our Facebook page for the month of March, offering tips, recipes, and encouragement as the challenge goes along.   I have compiled the posts from Facebook into this summary blog for anyone who missed starting with us, or who wants to do the challenge at a later date.

It’s important to note the aims of the challenge:  1. To increase our daily intake to the recommended 3 tablespoons per day, for optimal health benefits; and 2. Though the challenge goes for only 30 days, there’s no need to end at all.  Thirty days allows us to form the necessary mind-set and habits into our lifestyle, and allows us to see the benefits, but it’s just the beginning, and some studies suggests it can take up to 66 day to make the change!  Imagine a lifetime of optimal health benefits from coconut oil.. a 20 year, 50 year, 70 year reunion of super healthy and glowing individuals?? A change in the way our children view life, health, and vitality??  It’s a possibility! icon_smile

Below are the eight tips from the start of the challenge.  These tips will help you get started and, if you refer back to them regularly, keepyou going too.  To see all the pics, posts and comments  go to and look for posts dated end of February and early March, 2014.  The first post on the challenge has a great pic titled ‘The Amazing Benefits of Coconut Oil’.  Worth a read icon_smile

COCONUT OIL CHALLENGE. Most of us have our Virgin Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil sitting in the cupboard and use it for cooking, and many of us make an attempt to take it a bit more. I have set the month of March as ‘The Challenge’ to take coconut oil 3 times per day, 1 tablespoon each time.  I did this in January for 7 days, and even that short time made a noticeable difference in my wellbeing and overall health. Who’s with me?  Will you join me on The Coconut Challenge?  Please like the post if you intend to join and I will be sure to pass on tips, challenges, recipes and encouragement to all those who are on the journey with me.
TIP #1. Start small. If you’re not used to including coconut oil in your daily eating, start small. Start with 3 TEASPOONS per day, not TABLESPOONS. The first thing is to set the routine of including the oil 3 times in the day, then you can increase the amount as your body adjusts to having the regular intake.
TIP #2. The absolute easiest way of including the oil 3 times daily …is to include it into your food. *Make 500ml-1L of green smoothie to drink throughout the day (the raw foods will oxidise, but the other benefits will remain), *Make your own salad dressing with coconut oil, lemon/lime/mandarin juice, salt n pepper, and any spices/herbs and have salad once a day.  TIP #3. Plan for success. Take some time to write your goals for this challenge. What changes do you want to see? What improvements? If you’re expecting weight loss (I am!), do your measurements today, even if it’s just your waist.
TIP #4. Write down your routine. Make a list of ways you plan to include your oil and stick it somewhere obvious. This list might seem unnecessary now, but it will be vital later in the challenge when your enthusiasm wavers or you’ve lost your creative touch for a day or two.
TIP #5. Drizzle your oil over your evening meal: mix it through your rice before topping with your dinner dish, over your stew or pasta, massage oil into your beef or other meat and fry in coconut oil.
TIP#6. If you can, take the oil from a spoon.  Coconut oil is great for teeth and gum health.  Swirl it around in your mouth a little before swallowing.
TIP #7. Listen to your body. How are you feeling? If you’re taking the optimal level of 3 tablespoons you should probably be feeling some benefits already. Maybe you feel fuller/less hungry, not craving sugar foods, ease in going to the toilet, more energy,ore alert?? You may also be detoxing.. pimples, headache or tiredness.
TIP #8. Your body will feel benefits from the oil more if you include raw foods in every day, drink at least 2 litres of water, and avoid processed foods, especially sugar

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