Healthy Body

Two OuchThe human body is a very fine structure. Not many people understand why we get diseases beyond our measures in the 21st century.

To start with all we do is, we follow what our mother, father, grandmothers, grandfathers or anybody who raised us taught us.

Many thanks to them.

But why do you still get sick, ill or have a disease today in the age of technological advancements?

Could it be that our ancestors did not know some things to start with and they did not know the truth themselves?

Many people blame disease on  genetic disorders. How do we know if they are correct?

What we have today concerning our health is something that we cannot comprehend and unless we are being provided with some specific and proven information, we will not believe.


We don’t even think of asking our doctors. They know it all… RIGHT? WE WOULD NOT EVEN THINK OF QUESTONING THEM.  After all they studied for seven years didn’t they?

The good news is that now in the 21st century more than enough people asked these questions. Is my doctor correct? More than enough people found very surprising answers and in fact found help contrary to “allopathic traditional medicals’, what your doctor is trained in. “Allopathic Traditional medicals” that has existed for around 100 years.

What happened to the health of humans who survived for the last 25 000 years? They just had some kind of knowledge we were not denied until a 100 years ago. .. not even that long. How did we get so lost in such a short time?

1. Humans existed for tens of thousands of years
2. They had remedies that helped them to survive, even much longer times than has been recorded today.
3. Why is that that natural medicines are more popular than ever in the 21st century, in the age of industry?

Can it be that maybe we have been blind folded over the past 100 years? Slowly and gradually lied to. Most people who trust their doctors are old people. They are too set in their ways to change their minds from the process of  decades of the total slow process of being brainwashed. What a shame!

Why not learn more about your illness and what’s causing it first before you saturate your body with unforgiving chemicals in the name of modern medicals.

If you are already saturated with chemicals, learn how to clean your body for good health.

It is a much bigger job to try to clean your body of ill health.

Sadly you have a huge job to try fight ill health due to environmental pollution. Even if you live in isolated areas, you have to put up with cars and aerial pollution. Only very few can claim a clean environment. 98% of our population is exposed to industrial chemicals in all shapes and form, left right and centre.

We have a much bigger job to maintain good health than previous generations. At the end of the day who do you believe can help with chemical free good advice?