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Rewarding home gardening

Picture-112Backyard produce gardening is a growing trend in our society, with very positive results.  Not only can it be cheaper for the family, but it allows us to make our own choices on the amount of chemicals we ingest as part of our daily fruit and vegetable intake.
Creating a quality sustainable in your very own backyard

Home gardens can be highly complex, with state-of-the-art design and the latest systems.  Or it can be as simple as a pawpaw or banana tree in the backyard, pots on the verandah with herbs and vegetables.  However it’s done, you deserve the best products to ensure the success of your backyard garden in terms of nutritional value, yield and satisfaction.
Natural Grow Solutions for the home garden

Our Natural Grow backyard garden resources begin with helping you establish optimal soil biology, just as if you were a professional farmer.  It matters not the scale of your project, it’s still your right as a home gardener to produce optimal results.  Once you have established a healthy soil biology you can use our simple and cost-effective products to provide all the essential nutrients needed for your particular crop and situation.

We don’t just leave you with obtaining the necessary resources, but we offer our time and experience to discuss your particular needs, to share our experiences and give those tips that help ensure your satisfaction as a backyard farmer.

Picture-82Grow Healthier Vegetable and fruit .. 

Liquid Carbon – Fulvic and Humic Acids– Electrolysis stripped back to nature’s purest form through advanced technology.

  • Reduces hardpan.
  • Opens natural capillary systems already in your soil structure.
  • Unlocks nutrients and minerals.
  • Increases worm and arthropod activity.

Home Gardening Pricelist

Ask a question, request a product..  we’re here to make your backyard garden a success!
Your Soil is alive – Just like you!


Bactivate, yoghurt for your soil

Your soil is a living entity teemed with bacteria, fungi’s and protozoa.
Tired, overworked and naturally damaged soil can be conditioned back into a healthy condition by using a scientifically proven approach with totally natural products.

Bactivate – Five of nature’s most naturally aggressive bacteria working synergistically to protect your plant.

  • Protects the plants root system from negative pathogens.
  • Increases nutrient uptake.
  • Reduces your fertiliser use.
  • Stimulates fungi’s and protozoa who in turn convert your fertiliser for your plant to uptake.
    FACTSHEET 025 – Natural Grow Vege Planting Guide


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