• Winter Warmer

    Here comes the cooler weather!  And with it.. the sniffles, colds and flus.. some things we can do without!  I thought I’d share my fantastic ‘Flu Tea’ with you.  I’ve been using this tea to ward off any flu symptoms for nearly 20 years!  Just dilute it for kids, keep it in the fridge cold […]

  • Simple and Sustainable

    The reason I like things simple is because then they are easy to maintain in the long term.  I remember when we first started being aware of what we were eating, about 12 years ago.  I couldn’t make a meal without having a book beside me and following the detailed instructions.  Menu planning took forever […]

  • Welcome to the Natural Grow Blog

    Welcome to the Natural Grow blog!  (16th September, 2012) This is a space devoted to the discussion of all things concerning re- mineralisation.  Every living thing goes through the cycle of obtaining essential minerals and converting them into action of some kind: plants, humans, soils…  Our passion is to increase awareness of the incredible value […]