Quiet, But Productive

Hello everyone!  It’s great to be back and online chatting with you all again!  It’s been a very busy time for Natural Grow and for me, personally.  However, during our busy-ness we have met so many fantastic people!  Lots and lots of new faces, each one with a different story to tell.. with challenges to face, tips and some really great ideas to share.  We’ve absolutely loved meeting each one of you!

buckinisWhile we may have been quiet online, we’ve been very productive. icon_smile Keep your eyes on us because we are constantly bringing in new products and information.  We’ve made contact with some awesome Australian companies, in human health and nutrition-dense foods, and will be stocking their lines soon.  Richie went down Brisbane way and spent time with some brilliant experts learning some cutting edge techniques in biological farming.

Our product of the month would have to be Loving Earth Buckinis, an activated organic buckwheat nutritious breakfast, snack or great on a cheese platter, or even with a glass of wine (so I’m told icon_wink ).  Gluten free and high in protein, and essential minerals, the real beauty of buckwheat is that it alkalises the body, unlike most cereals, which are acid-forming.  Come and see us anytime and have a taste icon_smile  Like us, you’ll be hooked!


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