Holistic Health Support


Holistic Health Support


Product Description

Take advantage of this great offer to prepare for the cooler months ahead!

Three powdered products that are designed to work in sync to give your body optimal, holistic support, empowering some of the main systems of the body to do their job well and keep you enjoying wellness.

Add serves of each of the powders to a glass of coconut water for a great tasting kick-start to your day and enjoy the benefits!

Included in this month’s bundle are:
Digest-Ease. A healthy digestive tract aids nutritional absorbtion, ensures efficient waste and toxin removal, allows the immune system to function optimally, and causes mental alertness, among other things.
Biospark. While everyone knows that Vitamin C is good for the immune system, few realise it’s also vital to the nervous system as well. And, more importantly, Biospark is a buffered Vitamin C, so it won’t damage the delicate digestive tract environment.
Vita-Green Defence. This powerful powder consists of pre-digested super greens, like spirulina, barley grass and broccoli. We all know the benefits of these incredible powerhouse foods!

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Enjoy great health this month (and every month)!!


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