Magnesium Bath Flakes


Magnesium Bath Flakes

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Hidden deep beneath the Earth’s surface exists the source of an amazing all natural essential minerals for optimum functioning of the body. For millions of years, magnesium chloride has made its home in the vast natural seabed known as the ancient Zechstein Sea. Unspoiled by the effects of man or the ravages of nature, this bounty of Magnesium Chloride was created naturally in Gods factory and is said to have taken as long as 250 Million Years.

Unlike Epsom Salts, McBean Magnesium Bath Flakes are imported under license from Zechstein Minerals BV and are mined from 1600 meters below the sea bed in Northern Europe. McBean Magnesium Bath Flakes are 47% Magnesium Chloride with 74 other valuable mineral and trace minerals. Epsom Salts can be very drying on the skin. McBean minerals are balanced and are derived directly from nature.

So Indulge yourself! with a 20 minute hot mineral bath. Just add 500g, or more, if you desire, to your bath as it fills or about 70g for a foot bath. You will feel your body unwind and relax. Your body will appreciate the benefits of these beautiful minerals as they Infuse to cellular level, soothing, smoothing, hydrating and protecting the skin from our harsh environment.

People travel to destinations all over the world to experience the vitality offered by these valuable, rejuvenating mineral baths and McBean has everything you need to create your own extraordinary experience right here. And over and over again!


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