Red Gold Organic Red Palm Oil


Red Gold Organic Red Palm Oil



Product Description

Rainforest friendly, organic red palm oil has a history of beneficial use for thousands of years!

The world’s most beneficial cooking oil features phenomenal levels of carotene and vitamin E and contains luxury levels of pro-vitamin A, along with medium chain fatty acides which are a direct source of energy and are not stored as fat in the manner of long chain fatty acids.

This remarkable super food is an oil to embrace. Twenty three different carotenes contribute to the rich ochre colour of this nutrient-dense oil, including beta carotene and lycopene.

It also contains seven of the eight forms of Vitamin E. In fact, it contains the highest levels of carotenes and Vitamin E of any food. Carotenes work synergistically to quell free radical fires and are far more powerful when supplied as a team rather than in isolation.

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