Weight Loss

weightlossIt’s such a hot topic.  Weight Loss.  Most of us want to and many, many of us need to lose at least a few kilos. How the developed nations of the world got into this weight gain predicament is a whole other story, but I, for one, am tired of seeing our supermarket shelves loaded with empty-calorie and empty-nutrient food, then seeing the magazines lining the checkout offering all the latest in fad diets and corrective surgeries.

Recently, I posted these photos on Facebook.  I wanted people to know that I know all about the weight gain journey; the way it creeps up on you, the part that ignorance and avoidance plays in making the situation worse.  I am just incredibly thankful that my weight gain caused no other obesity-related illnesses, much to doctors’ surprise.  I posted the photos, not for people to congratulate me, but to share the message that permanent weight loss can be a very simple, straightforward and enjoyable process.  I have many friends who’ve showed incredible perseverance in weight loss programs and have the results to show for it.  Sadly, the great majority of these friends have not been able to maintain their new trim, terrific selves.  I feel for them, after all that effort.  I wish for them to enjoy the benefits of their work.  But, it’s a proven truth that short term, regiment-related programs provide long term results for only a very small minority.

There is another way.  I encourage all of us to look at the systems of our body: our digestive, nervous, immune, muscular, etc. systems and learn how to support them through nutritionally dense foods and balanced lifestyles (which include rest and relaxation just as much as exercise).  My weight loss success is occurring as I’ve given attention to the systems and watched as the symptoms (e.g. weight gain) take care of themselves.  I live by the belief that as we change our mindsets, our actions and the results from our actions will also change with ease.

Natural Grow offers you all the tools you need to change mindsets and actions and see symptoms recede and dreams become realities.  That’s why we do what we do, because we’ve been there, are there, and we love it when you join us on the  journey.

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