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Picture-30Welcome to the Natural Grow blog!  (16th September, 2012)

This is a space devoted to the discussion of all things concerning re- mineralisation.  Every living thing goes through the cycle of obtaining essential minerals and converting them into action of some kind: plants, humans, soils…  Our passion is to increase awareness of the incredible value of ensuring that re-mineralisation is a constantly occurring part of our lives and farming techniques.

Society today is run at full pace!  Everyone wants to get the most out of something.. out of life, our dollars, relationships.. and farmers out of their soil.  Culture tends to define success as achieving the most out of something.  Society is also quite transient.  It’s no problem to move on.. to somewhere new, to something better..   In my experience of working with people I find that although we often pursue goals and we just long to ‘get there’ we actually feel much better about ourselves when we are able to sustain a positive action or level of productivity over a long period of time.  Attainment is not necessarily the goal.. maintenance of the achievement over a period of time is.  With that kind of philosophy, you can see why Natural Grow is vocal on the topic of re-mineralising.  We believe we’ve proved and benefited from refining the ability to maintain that cycle of obtaining essential nutrients and converting them into productive action of some kind.   It’s just great to maintain a level of health where your body functions productively, even through the stresses and challenges that life brings.  And it’s just so rewarding to work with farmers who felt frustrated with the level of performance of their soils, and who discover new possibilities that can be easily maintained for a long period of time.  Often all it takes, initially, is just a slight shift in our focus or our thinking..

Picture-30Life in a Teaspoon (  21st September, 2012 )

We’d like to share with you a very interesting audio recording found online.  This audio recording is the first of a series named LIFE IN A TEASPOON”A 12 Teleseminar series linking Soil Health to Human Health.  This recording will be valuable to anyone who is interested in the quality of life, of the food we eat, and of the soil, and how these things all flow together.  You don’t need to be a farmer to appreciate the information shared here by Dr Christine Jones.  Enjoy! http://instantteleseminar.com/?eventid=26324706


Picture-30Reclaiming Wellness Seminar ( 27th September, 2012)

Those who came to the Reclaiming Wellness seminar last week with Graeme Sait would have enough tips and hints to make improvements on the quality of their  lifestyle and nutrition intake for many months to come.  One of the many valuable topics of that seminar was the importance of our fermented foods.  Here’s a quote from Graeme: “Nutritionists contend that the nutrients in food are five times more effective when that food has been fermented.. Enzymes are the other huge benefit from fermented foods.   The frequent recharging of the enzyme bank account can increase longevity.” (there was much more spoken on the topic, I suggest you google ‘fermented foods’ and ‘importance of enzymes’.

Well, Graeme has motivated me.  I’m keen to make some pickled vegetables and have a tablespoon twice a day (and attempt to convince my kids to join me).  Graeme gave us the recipe which includes a whole heap of vegetables, 2 buckets from coles or woolies, nutri-salt and bio-bubble.  I’m choosing Graeme’s fast-tracked 3 day method of making the pickles.. I’m just not convinced a 3 week process would work in the heat of the tropics, but I could be wrong!

If you’d like to join me in the ‘fermented food challenge’ please like our facebook post, or make a comment.  It will be nice to know I’m not alone in my efforts J.  And if you’d like the exact recipe for making the pickles, just ask, and I can post it.  You don’t need to use the NTS products, but they fast-track the process and ensure lots of healthy organisms (up to 40 billion, in fact) go into your pickles.  Of course, you can pick up the appropriate products from us at Natural Grow – Innisfail or Cairns.

Here’s to the Fermented Food Challenge!!  Who’s with me??

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