What are superfoods?

The dictionary definition of ‘superfood’ is ‘a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and buttons_05well-being’. Superfoods can be more common than you realise, like oats, nuts/seeds, and some fruits. Some superfoods can be eaten fresh, if you are fortunate enough to have them grown locally (like avocado), some you can grow easily yourself (like wheatgrass).  Many people are turning to powdered superfoods because, with careful processing, you can ensure these powdered forms contain the highest levels of nutrition and the most beneficial blends to produce optimal results.  It important to purchase carefully, though, to ensure you are getting a product that really does contain all that it promises.  We carefully select the products we stock, researching, and often personally getting to know, the manufacturers of our superfoods and ensuring the highest quality, fair trade practices, and affordable prices.