Why does your filter have 7 STAGES? Doesn’t that seem a bit excessive?

It is actually the whole 7 stages that make our water filtration one of the best on the market today. Reverse osmosis purified water on it’s own is a highly aggressive and dangerous water for humans to drink. Because it has been demineralised, the water must draw nutrients out of the human body to balance its levels, meaning bones and teeth, in particular, suffer. Carbon filters and Reverse Osmosis are only the first 3 filters in our system. The remaining filters add in essential minerals and bring the water to a guaranteed pH level of 8.5 or higher, making it a water that hydrates at a cellular level and provides many benefits to the functions of the human body. By combining both efficient purifying of water and re-mineralising/alkalising of the water we have created the perfect water filtration system! Read the pdf file here : Natural Grow Detailed Description 7 Stage filter PDF