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BioSpark – 200g


The ultimate Vitamin C and mineral supplement in a convenient powder form! A high performance, fully stabilised Vitamin C with bioflavonoids.

  • A powerful antioxidant which can improve wellbeing.
  • Free of yeast, salt, wheat products (gluten), artificial sweeteners and flavouring, sucrose and lactose.

Stir into water or juice for a tangy citrus tasting drink.

Vitamin C is not produced in the human body but regenerates Vitamin E and Gluthathione and is the work-horse of the detoxification system. Vitamin C is removed along with each toxin and it is difficult to supply sufficient levels of this antioxidant in the diet. There are two critical requirements when supplementing with Vitamin C. The ascorbic acid component must be buffered with a mineral complex to prevent damage to beneficial gut organisms (ascorbic acid can be a biocide in its raw form). Secondly, the Vitamin C must contain a significant percentage of bio-flavonoid to insure maximum performance. BioSpark is fully buffered with a mineral complex involving magnesium, calcium, zinc, sulphur and phosphate. It also contains the optimum percentage of bio-flavonoids in the form of hesperidin.

A multi-function wonder.

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