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OUCH! Pain Relief Cream 100g


A topical anti-inflammatory, analgesic cream for the relief of Muscular Aches and Pain, fibrosis and Nerve Pain / mild neuralgia. Temporary relief of the pain of Rheumatism, rheumatic pain, Migraine headache, neuralgic headache, headaches, rheumatic pain. May assist in the management of tension headache, Lower Back Pain, Fibromyalgia, sprains, soft tissue trauma, peripheral circulation, minor wounds (cuts, scratches, abrasions).

Assist with Healing and repair of Sporting and other injuries including bruises, muscular aches and pains. For the Symptomatic relief of Sprains, soft tissue trauma, of low back pain, rheumatism. May help to relieve Joint Pain.
Rubefacient may assist local circulation. Helps in relieving Stiffness, swelling. Counter-irritant, Soothing.

As a topical counter-irritant for the management of pain and inflammation resulting from sporting and minor injuries and accidents, including bruises.

If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner.

Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)

AUST L 221795

All claims made by McBean Australia Pty Ltd in relation to OUCH! Pain Relief™ Cream have been listed with the TGA

The release of Ouch Pain Relief Cream last year created a lot of excitement in nature loving circles. This highly effective cream is formulated with natural ingredients that penetrate up to the tissue level and assuages the pain once and for all.

Finally, there is a cream that is all natural and works when it comes to repairing and healing topical aches and pain. The repair process starts from the first application and it has cumulative effects. You will notice a considerable improvement in your affected area within few hours of application.

To help long lasting pain relief, we use Ouch Pain Relief Cream together with Silver Bullet – 70% Magnesium Chloride spray. Using the two products together accelerates the healing process by exposing the problem area to extra magnesium. This explains the effectiveness of this cream.

We also use Silver Bullet independently from topical pain relief as a magnesium supplement to get real magnesium supplies to the body.

The icing on the cake is our Magnesium Body Lotion. We not only get magnesium in the topical areas but we can replenish our skin vitality with this wonderful magnesium moisturiser that is pure and natural.

Those who are apprehensive about their sensitive skin can certainly heave a sigh of relief, because this product is completely anti allergenic and it works quite well even with most sensitive skins. It is full of organic, cold pressed coconut oil, which is widely recognized and recommended for its healing properties, and organic Moringa oil, which is a skin remedy known in ancient Egypt for its multiple nutrients and anti-oxidants. This pain relief cream is easy to apply and it gets into your permeable skin to reach the affected tissues for instant relief. On regular application, the pain will vanish permanently. The list is too long, but it was good enough for the Pharaohs and their families.

Natural Grow brings to you this revolutionary product that relieves you of all types of chronic back aches. Those who seek lower back pain relief within a short duration should certainly try this product out for quick results. The conglomeration of Ouch pain relief cream with other vital healers makes this combination highly effective for various types of joint pain and stiffness in lower back.

Buying this pain relief combo from Natural Glow is quick and convenient. Simply click on the ‘Buy Now’ icon and you will be redirected to a secure payment gateway for checkout. Also, Natural Glow offers this product combo at a special price of $98.95.


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