Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone!  You don’t have to be a health food fanatic or an organic farmer to benefit from us.  You just need a few things:

1. to be interested;

2. to want more than you already have in the areas of your health, your life, and/or your soil;

3. to be willing to take responsibility.

We don’t offer to ‘fix’ anything for you, but we do offer to support anyone who wants to try to make a difference…

You can purchase by visiting us in either Cairns or South Johnstone (details below). You can also email us your order and we will contact you to arrange payment and delivery. We provide free delivery in Innisfail and Cairns areas and a $12.50 flat delivery fee, Australia wide.

Please use the contact form to request a complete product list and begin your easy order and delivery today!

South Johnstone store: 15 Hynes St, South Johnstone 4859 ph 4064 2297
opening hours: Mon-Fri: 8.30am-6pm; Sat: 8.30am-4.30pm; Sun: 2-4.30pm

Cairns store: 96 Barnard Dr, Mt Sheridan 4868 ph 0438 775 252
opening hours: Mon-Wed:11am-2pm; Mon-Wed, Fri-Sat: 4-6pm

We have carefully selected our human health products to meet a strict set of criteria. They must packed with essential nutrition. They must be high grade, not compromised by shortcuts in their production that will compromise their quality and ability to be used by the body. They must be practical and affordable. We are also very proud of the fact that we support Australian companies. Because of the nature of our products, many are created and packaged at their source (0verseas) and this is only to maintain their nutrient value. However, every product you purchase puts dollars back into Australia, and many right from here in Far North Queensland!

The dictionary definition of ‘superfood’ is ‘a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and buttons_05well-being’. Superfoods can be more common than you realise, like oats, nuts/seeds, and some fruits. Some superfoods can be eaten fresh, if you are fortunate enough to have them grown locally (like avocado), some you can grow easily yourself (like wheatgrass).  Many people are turning to powdered superfoods because, with careful processing, you can ensure these powdered forms contain the highest levels of nutrition and the most beneficial blends to produce optimal results.  It important to purchase carefully, though, to ensure you are getting a product that really does contain all that it promises.  We carefully select the products we stock, researching, and often personally getting to know, the manufacturers of our superfoods and ensuring the highest quality, fair trade practices, and affordable prices.

Good oils are oils that are preferably organic, unrefined and cold pressed. We promote the use of Coconut Oil, Red Palm Oil and Macadamia Oil for their amazing nutritional qualities and their ability to withstand very high heat. We also promote hemp oil for its high omega 3 and 6 value. It is illegal to sell hemp oil for consuming in Australia and New Zealand, but legal everywhere else in the world.

If you are reading labels in supermarkets, you will rarely see any of the above oils in products (especially organic, cold pressed, and unrefined). While we do not promote the use of most packaged supermarket goods, we suggest that sunflower oil is the best option here.

Cacao is raw cocoa. To get cocoa, the cacao nut is ground and goes through a heating process. Cacao is the powdered nut BEFORE it gets heated. Both cocoa and cacao are good for you, but cacao has more minerals and antioxidants.

We don’t believe you need to take vitamin/mineral/oil supplements. We believe you can eat well enough to meet all your nutritional needs, if you include nutritionally dense foods in your diet. We do stock a range of superfood powders, because these can be used in smoothies and cooking, but these are not ‘supplements’, but foods. Some people will need to take certain supplements because they are dealing with a particular symptom, but most people can eat well enough to avoid spending money on supplements.

To answer this question, we would have to firstly identify a definition of thebuttons_01 word ‘clean’. Definitely, Australia and other developed countries can be grateful for the water treatment process that means a passable quality of water arrives out of the tap and into our homes. We appreciate the necessity of chemicals like chloride ensure that our water is safe. What we question is whether it is beneficial to actually ingest these chemicals into our body. We think not. To this end, we believe it is essential to remove those chemicals which are necessary for water treatment, but harmful to the human body.

Reverse osmosis is a specific type of filtration used for water. Commonly used to make salt water drinkable, reverse osmosis uses pressurized force to separate solvents found in water. Reverse osmosis makes drinking water safe and pure. The benefit of reverse osmosis is that it does not just filter out the contaminants from the water, but its process actually removes the salt traces of the contaminants as well, ensuring that your water is, indeed, pure.

It is actually the whole 7 stages that make our water filtration one of the best on the market today. Reverse osmosis purified water on it’s own is a highly aggressive and dangerous water for humans to drink. Because it has been demineralised, the water must draw nutrients out of the human body to balance its levels, meaning bones and teeth, in particular, suffer. Carbon filters and Reverse Osmosis are only the first 3 filters in our system. The remaining filters add in essential minerals and bring the water to a guaranteed pH level of 8.5 or higher, making it a water that hydrates at a cellular level and provides many benefits to the functions of the human body. By combining both efficient purifying of water and re-mineralising/alkalising of the water we have created the perfect water filtration system! Read the pdf file here : Natural Grow Detailed Description 7 Stage filter PDF

No. At Natural Grow we are firm believers in appreciating the positive attributes of a number of different approaches. We feel it’s best to get to know you as an individual, identify your goals and the resources you have and/or are willing to work with, and then together build a plan that is going to be just right for you.

Dead Soils are devoid of life. They have the mineral ion right, but have been, in many cases, mineralized at theexpense of the soil biology. Living soil does need to be mineralised as well, and this can include inorganic fertiliser, but mineralization needs to take into account its effect on the soil biology.